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Remote PC Cleaning/Tuning - $35.00 per hour

Category: Computers / IT
Is your computer slow and unresponsive?
Is your computer infected with spyware, malware, virus or pop-ups?
Do you want "new computer" performance but can't afford a new computer?
Do you have a working internet connection?

Contact TekTime TODAY, and see what our "REMOTE PC SERVICE" can do for you!

With remote service, you will download special software to your computer. Next, with your permission we will log onto your
computer and diagnose/repair your problems using our special "Tech Toolkit!" If your problem(s) can be fixed
and you need a "house call", your first hour of labor is 30% off !

For ONLY $35.00 per hour (SEPTEMBER ONLY) we offer:

Computer cleaning:
Virus scanning & cleaning/removal
Spyware scanning & cleaning/removal
Malware scanning & cleaning/removal

(average time for job completion = 1-2 hours)


Computer tuning:
Disk defragmentation
Disk and file Optimization
Registry cleaning
Memory testing
Registry tweaking (depending on O.S.)
Plus much for details !

(average time for job completion = 1-2 hours)


"It's time for a tech"

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To request support/info via phone: 1-866-931-5562 Ext #2
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Years Experience: 1