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David founded Relationship Rehab for Women in 2002, and set out on a quest to deliver real relationship information that people can put right to work.... to make a difference!

His energy and exuberance travels through the clients that he coaches, as he helps people all over the world transform their relationships into the one they've always wanted. He has pioneered a revolutionary approach, which he assures our planet's people will "Help create the magical relationship that they deserve!"

A life coach and authority on family dysfunction, David has worked closely with clients experiencing all types of relationship challenges. His coaching experience has taught him that family dysfunction is not only responsible for the failed relationships and the unhappiness of millions of Americans, but it is also the direct fundamental cause of addiction.

Traveling this path of service also led David to found 5 Steps to Addiction Freedom in 2005. Establishing this web presence has afforded the opportunity to deliver a real alternative to traditional addiction treatment.

As a life coach, David has helped addicted clients learn the secrets to overcoming addiction, and he has established his unique five-step process as a potential benchmark for recovery.

His success has overwhelmingly convinced him that the mainstream approach to addiction is fundamentally amiss because formal treatment programs attempt to defeat the symptoms rather than address the core issue.

He is known for being compassionate and understanding, and he works tirelessly for clients to help them find inner happiness, overcome addiction and/or discover the magical relationship they’ve always wanted!

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Relationship Coach Aliquippa, PA
Addiction Recovery Coach Aliquippa, PA
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Relationship Rehab for Women

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Addiction Recovery Coach

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5 Steps tp Addiction Freedom

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Life Coaching
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