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I am a certified I and II reiki pratictioner I have a office in Indepenence, Mo. I charge $25 for a relaxing 30 minute reiki session. Right now I do sessions by appointment only. If your interested in talking to me about reiki then feel free to call me, or if you would like to set up a appointment then I can be contacted at (816)267-1684 you can also e-mail me at

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Reiki therapy Independence, MO
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Reiki is a energy medicine that is completely natural it helps the body to heal itself and had been practiced thousands of years however it has been rediscovered in the early 1900's by Mikao Usui. It works by realining ones chakras and clearing them of unnesessary "bad" energy that can build up and block the natural flow of energy through ones body. This Blockage can cause a dis-ease in the body that can be psyhical and/or emotional.
-What do you mean blocking the energy flow?
The unnesessary "bad" energy can build up in ones chakras and block the good energy from flowing through the body. A easy way to think of this is to think of the eletricity in your home, if something major happens to the wiring then a short can happen and can cause power lose or even a fire. Now in the the case of the body, the chakras are like the wiring in your home if something major happens it can cause a unbalance and can cause a energy blockage (a short in the wiring)in this case however it is a dis-ease instead of a fire, and well we all can be low on energy. So like I said before the dis-ease can be psyhical such as headaches/migrains, backpain, stomach problems, and also many other issues in the body. And again the dis-ease can also be emotional such as depression, and/or stress, and also if your just feeling a bit low on energy this can help as well.
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