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Intuitive Reader, Reiki Master and when the situation calls for it, medium.
My first love, however, is my art. I enjoy painting in all mediums and believe that art should do more than look nice. It should also effect the energy in your home, encouraging healing and love. Each piece that I create is filled with the healing energies of Reiki and the symbols are implanted before paint ever meets canvas.

Profile Summary:
Reiki Practitioner Middletown, OH
Meditative Art Middletown, OH
Intuitive Reader Middletown, OH
Web Design Middletown, OH
More About Me
I enjoy my kids, painting in all mediums, sculpting, hiking and nature photography. I have some basic design knowledge and I do enjoy the challenge of learning new things.
Tracci S is located in Middletown, OH and has the following skills: Reiki Practitioner, Meditative Art, Intuitive Reader, Web Design
Religious / Spiritual, Art / Creative, Technology, Services, Motivation / Inspiration
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My Skills

Reiki Practitioner

Category: Motivation / Inspiration
Reiki balances the bodies natural healing energies with that of the Universal Creator. It is a non religious, no-touch healing method that can be performed either hands on or distance. From my own personal experience, Reiki provided the most thorough healing as it worked from the inside out.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Certified Reiki Practitioner Ordained Minister ULC
Years Experience: 3

Meditative Art

Category: Art / Creative
The art that you choose for your space sets the tone and energy of that space, so why then shouldn't the art you choose be filled with meditative and healing energies. Each piece that I create, no matter how whimsical it may be, is filled with the healing energies of Reiki and meant to set a tone of meditation, prosperity and healing in any space that it hangs. I will often include gemstones in a piece to increase its effectiveness.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 20

Intuitive Reader

Category: Religious / Spiritual
I have been reading for others professionally for the past 7 years but my journey on this path began many years ago, as a child. From early on, family memebers would consult my dreams for advice and in the present, clients seek out my advice on any number of situations from love to prosperity. While I am not the person to help you find lost objects, I am the one to guide you towards your life's purpose and the best way to optimize that path.
Relevant Education / Credentials
I have practiced meditation actively for well over a decade and have been providing readings publicly since 1999. My path of Reiki which I have studied since 2005 has greatly increased my skill level.
Years Experience: 20

Web Design

Category: Technology
I have devoted a great deal of time to learning the web and in designing my own website, It has taken me many long hours and a great deal of reading but I have slowly come to a space that allows me more control and a better understanding of the internet.
Relevant Education / Credentials
As the copy and print center manager at our local Staples, I learned a great deal about the programs avaible and of course how to use them It was here that I developed an affinity for graphic as well as print design.
Years Experience: 3