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I recently graduated from the Evergreen State College; I earned a BA with an emphasis on Community Studies.

I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and a Laser Reiki Practitioner. I am a palmist--reading palms is my favorite party trick. It's a great way to get to know someone.

I love interacting with people new and those I've known forever. Communicating is really important to me. Talking and spending time is the best way to build trust or a relationship for me. Quality time is a must! I am a fan of people watching.

I enjoy being in environments where it is safe and encouraged to show your true self--I need to air my nerd out. Being with nature is important to me, my plants are my babies.

Profile Summary:
Reiki Master Teacher Portland, OR
Palm Reading Portland, OR
Priestess Portland, OR
My Skills

Reiki Master Teacher

Category: Health / Fitness
Reiki, or Universal Energy, is a gentle healing modality that anyone can do. Although our bodies are design to flow Reiki, because of the world we live in, we end up turned off. Attunements turn you back on, give your body permission to flow the energy. You have to be attuned to practice Reiki. Only Reiki Master Teachers can give attunements.

I love teaching Reiki! I have taught several workshops, and want to teach more!
Relevant Education / Credentials
Reiki Master Teacher, certified by the Assembly of Cosmic Energetic Healing.
Years Experience: 2

Palm Reading

Category: Skilled Trade / Crafts
Modern Palmistry reads the shape, quality, skin, lines, and mounds of the hands to ascertain one's character. A gifted palmist can see deeply into a person's self, reflecting what was seen without judgment. A palm reading by a caring person can be a useful stop on the road to self love, the lack of which is a deep cause for illness.
Relevant Education / Credentials
I have studied palmistry for several years, teaching myself by cross-referencing several different traditions; I still learn with every session. Along with having gained a traditional knowledge of palmistry, I intuit many aspects of my readings, touching on deep personality traits and experiences that are often surprising and emotionally volatile. Though I learned from books in this life-time, I have been staring at my hands for as long as I can remember; I am confident that I pull from a deep source of knowledge within myself.
Years Experience: 3


Category: Religious / Spiritual
I am currently in the process of pulling from within myself the ancient identity of Priestess.

As Priestess, I meet your needs, where ever you are in life. This may include mentorship, counseling, spiritual guidance, healing, creating ritual, or simply listening. Who knows where our relationship will take us?
Relevant Education / Credentials
The Priestess Process, Portland, Or. This is who I am--I have experience in this realm simply through being. For example, I have mentored others in the past, helping one person discover his self as a spiritual being.
Years Experience: 1