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I come from a long lineage of Psychics!
My ancestry can be traced to the ancient
Greek & Roman Oracles of Delphi, Dodona & Didyma

I have had a gift all of my life!
Stemming back to my very early childhood
I was able to sense and see things
before they happened!

Profile Summary:
Reiki Master ~ Tarot Reader Richfield, OH
More About Me
I use many different tools to tap into
The Universe and it's answers.

And I am the only one in the World
with the ability to read the
"The Way of The Universe Symbols"
Work Experience:
I have been tested and my gifts are:

# Precognition ~ 99%
# Clairvoyance ~ 99%
# Remote Viewing ~ 99%
# Retrocognition ~ 98%
# Empathy ~ 92%
# Psychokinesis ~ 90%
# Channeling ~ 90%
# Telepathy ~ 90%
# Ph.D. in Metaphysics
# C.W.S. In Philosophical Anthropology
# C.W.S. In Humanistic Psychology
# Big Sister/Big Brother of the year
# Member of The American Association of Psychics and Mediums
# Licensed Minister / Pagan & Secular
# Licensed Spiritual Counselor
# Certified Tarot Card Reader
# Certified Reiki Master
Organizations / Affilations:
# Priory of Sion
# Illuminati
# Templar
# Mason
# Pagan
Sam Hain is located in Richfield, OH and has the following skills: Reiki Master ~ Tarot Reader
Religious / Spiritual
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My Skills

Reiki Master ~ Tarot Reader

Category: Religious / Spiritual
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 40