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Having grown up as severely abused children, both my husband & I realised that it can take a life time for one's soul to heal... to heal enough for self love & self acceptance. Once we learn to truly love ourselves, it is then that we can offer that love to others and thus fulfill our existence.

In our quest to heal ourselves, we realised that helping others to heal their pains, is the first step to healing the self & therefore, we do not stipulate a charge for our services. It is entirely up to you what you wish to donate or offer in exchange.

Depending on each individual case, we call upon many different techniques in our healings such as meditation, channeling, coaching, chanting, readings, music, art, our own home made healing elixirs, teas, tonics & ancient remedies & oils to enhance or encourage the higher self to come to healing. It is simple, relaxing and very enjoyable. It is guaranteed to lift your soul from negative low energies & make your aura radiant!

We can bring healing to anything & anyone that is open to it. Whether it be a physical muscular pain, emotional grief, mental stress and even terminable illnesses.

We realised from our first meeting of each other, that together, our combined Reiki energy is very strong & very effective and both had the instinctive urge to use it to serve humanity & animals alike. That is the most rewarding gift of all!

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Reiki Healing - Heal your higher self Los Angeles, CA
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Reiki Healing - Heal your higher self

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