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Lisa Beckwith-Papula

I am a mother of three, a Wiccan, and a happily married woman, LOL! I work for a Vet and have three dogs and four cats. Life ca be chaotic but it's always fun. I consider myself a pretty lucky person.

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Reiki & Tarot Card reading Poughkeepsie, NY
My Skills

Reiki & Tarot Card reading

Category: Religious / Spiritual
Reiki is a non physical energy healing technique that I can either teach you to do on yourself or for others or I can just work directly on you to heal and harmonize your being.
As for my Tarot Card readings - I do not claim to be able to see the future but I may be able to help you understand your life a little better.
Relevant Education / Credentials
I use the Usui method of Reiki and and my lineage is seventh from Dr. Usui
Years Experience: 9