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joel aka D-LO ortega

I have 2 years of experience with Reggaetton/LATIN HIP-HOP SOLO ARTIST(BROOKLYN,NY skills in Brooklyn, NY. I also have 3 years of experience with business skills.
My education and credentials include Did some high school got my g.e.d and on the every day hustle.

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business Brooklyn, NY
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Category: Music
My name is joel I go by D-LO.I'm looking for a dedicated experienced producer who's passionate about making music and making hits the way I am who sees the potential in young artist who don't have resources to get where they whant to be .I'm looking for a producer willing to work on my project and album on commission will provide further details if interested .the album is based on the Latin Hip-hop genre.I'm open to work with any producer who can help me make this email is thankyou for taking your time and interest to read this .one love again I ask for trust and descretion in most part if you think you can work with a artist one on one and focus on the project please reach me at
Relevant Education / Credentials
Did some high school got my g.e.d and on the every day hustle
Years Experience: 2


Category: Business
I'm very creative with every type of buisness out there always looking for ideas that can expand a business always brainstorming if I had the resources I think ill be able to make a big break through in all about strategy and taking a diffirent rout .some people over look certain things and miss out on the best.from my point of view I see a potential that hasn't been tuched for every business is like an untuched treasure waiting to get found.for business talk don't hesitate to hit me up at for tips and pointers might become in handy
Relevant Education / Credentials
I'm doing security did some high school holding a g.e.d but looking forward to success in any way
Years Experience: 3