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Refitting Fleet Vehicles

Category: Automobiles
Fleet Refitters Refits Vans and Trucks
There are millions of companies that have trucks and vans in service, which are mostly bought new and then changed to fit the company perspective or goals.
There are many ways for companies to have their trucks and vans refitted/upfitted, but most of them are actually predetermined by which brand or model you buy. This is due to the fact that most large brands of truck and van makers have their own set ways of pricing up and delivering a upfit. Some companies have contracts with truck or van dealers like Dodge and Ford, which means that they will get a van or truck sent to them when a customer has ordered them and they will upfit the van or truck for them. This is when the truck or van gets sent to the contractor who will do the customers demanded upfit whenever they have time. After this process, the truck or van will be sent back to the customer who finally can use them.
Fleet Refitters works in a completely different and refreshing way as it will actually go to the customer and do the refit onsite. This will save a company that orders a lot of trucks or vans many thousands of dollars, as there will be little time lost in refitting the machines. While it may currently take a few weeks to get the vans or trucks fully refitted, with Fleet Refitters this can be done in thirty minutes or so per van or truck.
The costs are also a lot lower as GM or Ford might charge $2000 for an upfit, which would then be done by the contracted firm in its own timeframe. Fleet Refitters will do the same refitting for $300-$350 while doing this refit at the customers┬┤ home base. Take into account the fact that the customer will be able to use the newly purchased wheels within an hour or so instead of weeks. This can literally save a company that has, lets say, ten vans on order, $10,000. This can come in pretty handy in these hard economic times.
Fleet Refitters has a turnover of around twenty to fifty vans per day at the moment and that
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