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Lather a.k.a "Swift" Dixon

Hey everyone,
I would say music is much like my outlet into the world where only my choices and my feelings matter. If I had to classify my sound it would be Hip-Hop/Soul with an R&B feel.
Music is personal to me. Each detail, every note resonance, all pitch and the picture in itself matters. It’s really hard to decide when a piece is complete because nothing is ever perfect. But, I aim to make my overall feeling as even as possible without taking away from all of the flavor of the instruments. I don't just hear sound. What I hear translates into a visual picture of where I want everything to be. The overall scope that I see in my mind is round but to make that roundness happen the pieces need to be placed in the right place. So, enough of that...
When I was younger I can’t actually say that I had one individual influence from music. I would more appropriately say that music as a whole was and still is my influence. I grew up listening to multiple genres of music. Tool, Rage Against the Machine, Brotha Lynch, 2Pac and much more but soul is what all of them have in common. From the different and diverse styles of music to the many things that makes music so common. Everything is very important.
My focus in school pretty much revolved around music. I got good grades mostly so that I could stay in band and everyone would stay off my case. Through high school I learned what it met to be dedicated, the sacrifices that are needed to be made to accomplish a goal, and all of the hard work that’s needed to make the goal come to life. So, when I marched DCI (Drum Corp International) it only made me realize that everyone makes sacrifices for the overall goal.
I spend every minute of spare time pushing toward the sound that I want the world to hear. Now I am proud enough with what I've done and I hope you can sit back, listen and enjoy what I've created also.

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Recording Engineer Portland, OR
Song Writer Portland, OR
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Music (Creation and Performance), Creative Design, Art, Theory, Problem Solving, Life
Music Creation
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Live Intuments
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Lather D Dixon Jr.

Mobile Phone: 224-430-8636
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To establish a career that is rewarding with many promotional benefits.
QA Technician
3 2008 - Present
Xerox | State: OR

Computer/IT Services

My tasks include troubleshooting multiple pieces of hardware inside of a Linux based platform and capturing details on situations that I encounter. I have a working knowledge of networks and cable tracing/running, plus the motivation of finding an underlying problem. IP management and a working knowledge of a Linux code based script are skills that I've acquired and am operationally acquainted with.

Sonar Technician Ground
11 2005 - 1 2008

United States Navy | San Diego, San Diego, CA

Government and Military

As a Sonar Technician I was responsible for the localization, classification, and tracking of multiple underwater contacts. I was also responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of over 50 pieces of equipment. That includes routine cleaning, troubleshooting and operation. Outside of the job description portion as a Sonar Technician I've earned many other collateral duties. I was responsible for creating the work assignments for our weekly submarine classification exercises. I was also in charge of keeping a record of all of the maintenance and information publications we had onboard our ship. Another collateral duty of mine was to take a morning muster to ensure all personnel were present and accounted for.

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SDSU, CA - ITT Technical, Arlington
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Navy - Xerox, Wilsonville
Lather a.k.a "Swift" Dixon is located in Portland, OR and has the following skills: Recording Engineer, Song Writer
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Recording Engineer

Category: Music
I take the time to make sure everything sounds good before recording starts so that my output will sound that much better.
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Years Experience: 6

Song Writer

Category: Music
My skills as a song writer vary from just making a beat to making the beat to making the whole project come together. Artists have come to me needing digital sounds added to live instuments and I made a product that they were more than satisfied with. Challange me... : )
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 6