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My name is Alex Harris and I am a primarily a Real Estate Agent for Century 21, but have also taken advantage of many other business opportunities in my career and things are going well. I have lived in Virginia all of my life and have a strong sales and marketing background. Feel free to contact me at (804)536-9128 or via email at AlexMHarris@VANative.Net

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Realtor Chester, VA
Loan Modifications Chester, VA
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Category: Real Estate / Property
I work with everyone from first time home buyers to experienced investors looking to flip a house quick. I have a marketing team which is useful to both buyers and sellers to ensure you get the best deal and that it goes through as smoothly as possible.
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Loan Modifications

Category: Finance / Money
The banks of todays age are taking advantage of people who just want one of our human needs - shelter. Mortgage payments are ridiculously high because of the current times and now there is a solution for lowering your interest rate created for individuals with less than perfect credit. This is a program the government has recently allowed and it is called a Loan Modification. I can help you lower your interest rate and explain how the process works. Contact me for more information.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 1