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Category: Music
Danny Phame, Da City Kid residing in Seattle, WA. Phame is a young Vietnamese boy, at the age of 14. Next year, to be a sophomore at Franklin High School. This born to be a star rapper is currently working on tracks to make it big one day.Raised by a single mother and with his grandmothers help after his parents divorce when he was only 3 years old. Danny is truly originated from the "ghetto". He lived in the ghetto for 7 years and got out to living a fancy life when his aunt began making the big money after her college graduate. Danny is multi talented and changed once he left his birthplace. Never hoping to going back to the place where he came from. When did the on going lil phame get in his music? He started out writing poetry in 7th grade, always having a pen and pencil in his back pocket. Danny is an only child, with a lot of time on his shoulders where he would write down lyrics whenever he could. Phame was never like anybody else, he was different. ‘Don’t fit in, stand out.’ Has always been his moto from the start to dream big and not let anybody get in his way. His idol is Juelz Santana, where he wants to follow his footsteps but in his own limelight.
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Category: Acting / Drama
always wished i could become an actor , but never really got the right practice.
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