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Tytus, a.k.a. Zach Lyles was born in Titusville, Florida on September 19, 1992. Coming from a broken home, he had an anger problem. At the age of 2 the doctors told his parents that he had a chemical imbalance. At 7 his parents divorced. At 12 he moved to Colorado and life got crazy. He was searching for satisfaction in the world. He never found it there though. He was raised in a "Christian" home, but he had a lot of questions. It's crazy how a human at such a young age could get to the low point he got to. He used to rap about life and his search for purpose. And at 13 years old, after moving back to him hometown, he found that purpose. He started going to New Life Christian Fellowship where he asked Arthur "2 Real"Council to disciple him. He began a true relationship with Jesus Christ. Had such a passion for the Lord and to do music he never let anything stop him. After going to New Life Christian Fellowship for a few months, AC started a Hip-Hop R&P group called 'Christ Coast'. Tytus kept writing verses and stayed faithful to God and eventually when God started to cut off and prune the branched of Christ Coast, Tytus was still around! Eventually he was the only one left, so 2Real and Sonshine From Deep Impact took him under their wing and helped shape him into who he is today. On December 13, 2008, Tytus was at a Benny Hinn conference in Orlando. During that service, Pastor Benny prayed for everybody in the building, about 3,000 people individually. While praying for one person, Pastor Benny pointed Zach out and said, "You! Kid, come here!" Benny Hinn prayed for a powerful anointing over Zach Lyles that day. Now he is now ministering all over Florida through the many talents God has given him. Music is one of his main channels, but be ready, because God us using Tytus for a world-wide Jesus Revolution. This preacher/rapper is being used by God to change the world.

Tytus just released a mixtape called "Revolution".
Message Tytus. The price is not set. "…Let t

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Rapper Titusville, FL
Producer Titusville, FL
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spending time with God, Making instrumentals, chillin with my family and friends, ministry.
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I have basically given my Life to glorify the Lord. I am active in the church and in my community. I breathe music. so i can do anything with it. no glory to me, all glory to the King on the throne. But I use this amazing talent to represent Him, and help others to do the same.
I am a sophomore in high school. dig that! I am young. people mear my music and cant believe it all can from a 16 yr old. its all original though.
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Catalyst Youth Church of New Life Christian Fellowship
Tytus Music is located in Titusville, FL and has the following skills: Rapper, Producer
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Category: Music
I use the talent that God gave me, and i Spread the Gospel with it.
Relevant Education / Credentials
done many shows throughout FL.
Years Experience: 4


Category: Music
Well I make original hip hop and R&B and even rock and reggaeton instrumentals from scratch and use many programs like FL8, Reason, Pro tools LE, Virtual DJ, and more stuff. I record Christian artists, and I sell amazing beats to Christian artists.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Spent lots of hours self-teaching, and learning from the best.
Years Experience: 3