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He was in Junior High (8th grade to be exact), when the music bug hit him. It was the "Reasonable Doubt" CD by JayZ and that did it. He had messed around with music a little bit before .... but after hearing Jay Z, the fire and inspiration of a rapper arose in him and life as he knew it would never be the same again. Meet Allei Fatz. A name with a play on the term Alley Cat, this moniker suits him well. He came up with it in high school while trying out some names. Friends liked it, so it just stuck with him. Allei has a sweet face, sharp eyes, large frame, and a mean swagger. Born and raised in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, Allei loved music. He recalls sitting around with his friends in elementary school joking around freestyling. Once he hit middle school there was always a cipher going on. People would crowd around to listen and cheer but at that time Allei was shy. He was always tempted to jump in to show that he had skills also but never did. Even though Allei would never freestyle for his peers he would always write material. Eventually he started letting close friends read his rhymes and they loved them. That gave him confidence but not enough to rap in front of large crowds. In 2001, Allei Fatz hooked up with local inspiring artists Exclusive and Tek. Together they formed E.T.A and put together a four song demo. The group made copies and passed out around town and also in Raleigh, NC and Greenville, NC. The group started to get a buzz around their town. The people who heard it loved it. Nothing major ever came of it so the group split ways a few months later. They still remain great friends and hang out with one another from time to time. Allei Fatz knew he had the skills on pen and pad and also in the studio but one thing bothered him...he never performed for a crowd. In 2006, Allei became frustrated living in Rocky Mount. There wasn't much to do there but get in trouble. March of 2006, he decided to start a new journey in his life and relocated to San Anto

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Rapper/Performer/Songwriter Raleigh, NC
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I am a local rapper out of North Carolina. I have recently relocated back to NC by way of Texas. During my stay in Texas I recorded music and performed at many different venues in San Antonio, Austin, and Houston. I have been writing music for 11yrs, recording music for 7yrs, and performing for 3yrs. I have recorded 2 mixtapes and I am currently working on my 3rd. I am always looking to collab and I do not charge! Check me out at!
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