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Cheston Farage

Originally born as Cheston Farage, in Kansas City, Missouri ,10N fell in love with the music industry when he was thirteen years old. He found a way to express himself by writing lyrics when he was in his junior year at Shawnee Mission North Highschool in Overland Park, Kansas. He never took it serious until after a good friend of his passed away in a tragic vehicle accident. CHES10N as a solo figure, away from the Spade Boyz Gang; tends to be more humble and spiritual as a solo artist. He shows the outlooks he has, and might not share with the group as a whole : As considering himself a republican as few rappers do, not smoking marijuana, treating women with respect, trying to stay away from self-prevoked dissing on other musicians, shying away from the political scene, and disliking the mainstream rap; which has studio thugs, rappers who rap to rhyme, and those beat monsters who just get big off of poor lyricism but have amazing beats. . Music is an expressive form in his life, a way to show the world that everything can be explained by anyone, at anytime, under any circumstance. 10N's genre is more of a soulful and respectable lyricism, because he doesnt degrade women for one of his idols are the late hip-hop legend Tupac Shakur, he refuses to rap about getting "hype" and "ballin" because thats whats constantly drilled into our ears in the rap game today. 10N is a different style, a midwest blend of rapping with background singing vocals, freestyle with a quick tongued spin, and respectable lyricism towards all races and both genders.. He has majorly been influenced by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Do or Die - which tends to be the stlye of hip-hop he prefers to create.. He consideres them as a genre all their own, and he hopes to created a style similiar, yet unique to theirs; because he prefers not to be in a category with anyone. He heavily respects every type of hip-hop but is more comfortable with the Midwest to the Western style, with the more smooth or fast pac

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rappin fast and with meaning, no bull lyrics.
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