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Robert Menchaca Jr.

Well let's see. I've always enjoyed working outdoors and meeting new people (daily change of scenery you might say! I 've never liked someone standing over my shoulder making rude comments or saying "I'm not working fast enough!". I've always had a very strong work ethic and eccentric people skills. Going into business for myself had opened a vast world of opportunity and allowed me to allocate my time where "I" wanted. I decide which jobs to take and how much to bid. I believe in doing a honest days work for a honest days pay.

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R&R Lawn & Landscaping Oklahoma City, OK
Drummer Oklahoma City, OK
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R&R Lawn & Landscaping

Category: Outdoors
A family owned business. We offer a vast array of services from fertilization, tree pruning, fence repair(new installation also available), lawn maintainance, flower beds,
Relevant Education / Credentials
Worked as a greenskeeper @ Westbury Country Club for 3 yrs.
Years Experience: 5


Category: Music
Been playing drums for 23yrs.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 1