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The Group 24/7 is a R&B/Hip Hop group founded and formed by it's two current members who also happen to be brothers. There are 3 members total. The oldest member of the group is, Killa Tactics (a.k.a) K.T (a.k.a) Artist manager who is 29. The second oldest is Solo (a.k.a) Sol who is 21, and the youngest member in the group is The Riddler (a.k.a) Enigma who is 20. Solo, the lead singer and dancer of the group, is also the head of the group. The Riddler is the lead rapper, and K.T is 2nd lead rapper. 24/7 is Managed by their mother Donna Brooks and Best Friend CJ who is like a mother to the boys as well. Their EP demo titled The Beginning will soon be available, and again I repeat it is only a demo. Solos influence in music is Usher. Enigma has three influences in music and they are: Eminem, 50 cent, and DMX. Their only wish and dream is to make music. Whether it be about love, break ups, hard times, or just something you can dance to, and whether they get a record deal or not, or whether they get fans or not, they are going to keep on making music until they can no longer do so. Their music is their life, and most of it is personal. Now with that in mind, 24/7 will keep on rocking 24/7 for anyone who wants to listen. Whether you like it or not.
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Hip Hop

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