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Baruzula Baruzuland

ART and creating is the blood of my soul. I have surrendered my life to my arts which are: sewing and design, shadow theater, fire dance, junk art, and Tarot divination. I sew up to 15 hours a day(I have a sewing addiction), or I am creating new puppets for a shadow story to give atmosphere to my fire choreographies. I have lived communally for 18 years, anywhere from 3 people to 70. I have lived out of gypsy style vehicles with my pack of Italian Greyhounds(the Munchkins) since 2001. I love the indoor/outdoor lifestyle. A magical relationship with the universe provides plenty of inspiration and abundance of supplies.

Profile Summary:
Quabalistic Tarot Study Austin, TX
sewing/ design and instruction Austin, TX
Fire Preistess/Poi pioneer Austin, TX
Baruzuland Shadow Theater Austin, TX
My Skills

Quabalistic Tarot Study

Category: Education
Converse with the Universe. Receive information from your all knowing higher self. Baruzula has been studying Quabalistic Tarot since 1994. Available for personal readings and parties. Also teaching Quabalistic Tarot 6 class series $120. or $100. if paid in full. Which is a journey through the Hermetic Tree of Life organized by the 3 groups within the cards...Major Arcana, Minor Arcana, Court Cards. Gain mystic knowledge of Astrology, Numerology, Universal laws and concepts, Archetypes, and the process of energy from an etheric realm toward density of form in the earthly realm. Tarot isn't only a parlor game but a well organized system of ancient wisdom, when practiced it becomes a tool for inner conversation with your highest divine self.
Relevant Education / Credentials
2year meditational journeys through the 22 Major Arcana.
Years Experience: 17

sewing/ design and instruction

Category: Art / Creative
Clothing Deconstruction- transforming an existing item into something new and different. Baruzula deconstructs tired, not so funky clothes and resurrects them into unique, freakishly stylish articles of fashion phenomena. Learn to alter and rearrange your clothes to bring out their hidden potentials. Or learn to make a pattern and start from scratch using your closet cornucopia of unwearables as fabric resources. $35. per 1.5hrs. Sewing machine can be provided for a $5. fee. Or perhaps you would prefer to put Baruzula's sewing addiction to work for you. Custom orders welcome. Visit Baruzuland/Etsy to shop.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Self taught
Years Experience: 24

Fire Preistess/Poi pioneer

Category: Dance
Baruzula as fire preistess
Baruzula has been working with fire since 1996. She has a strong, grounded precision that executes the moving meditation with power and control...fearlessness. As a dancer and preistess she tempers the angry goddess within into grace and playfulness, transforming frequency of self to facilitate the inner journey.
Her level of skill is constantly evolving through various fire tools: eating/breathing flame, fire fans, gloves, double battons,staff(long & short),flaming sword and poi. Baruzula is not only known throughout the fire community, not only as an instructor, but an innovator.She has also done choreographed routine pieces for cameos in larger productions such as El Circo and Rabbit in theMoon. Venues have varied over the years from private parties to countless raves, and large music venues around the country. Locations include: Checkpoint Charlie...New Zealand,Puerto Rico(3x), Red Rocks Ampitheater...Colorado(2x), Hard Rock Cafe Theater...Universal Studios, Miami Music Conference...Miami(3x), Beyond 2001 & 2002...Miami, VooDoo Fest...New Orleans(2x),San Diego Street Fair...Ca, Maker Fair...Tx,...just to name a few of the many cities and events. Baruzula's longevity and experience contribute to her level of professionalism.
Baruzula, as a performer, embellishes the fire with vivid visual showmanship. She is a tendril of uniquity with her own style of regalia. This femme fatale exposes her ancient inner-galactic goddess to weild the fire and spark inspiration in the mesmerized audience.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Baruzuland (12 yrs) Rabbit In the Moon (3 yrs)
Years Experience: 15

Baruzuland Shadow Theater

Category: Art / Creative
Enter the fiery shadow world of Baruzuland.Live shadow theater
layered with puppetry, overhead- projector art, soundscape, dance and fire to create an enchanting tale through a visual stream of consciousness. The layers of transparencies, on the overhead- projector, are brought to life by creating a wafting environment dreamily unfolding the events of the story. The soundscape offers a seamless backdrop of sounds and music weaving audio and visual cohesiveness. The vignettes have ranges of content from family friendly theater to mature stories and underlying esoteric meanings. Baruzuland is cutting edge underground performance art of the new renaissance , blending projection and shadow art to give stories and environment for the powerhouse fire and dance routines. At any age, this experience lingers like sweet perfume in one's psyche... transcending reality and creating a bridge to another dimension...Baruzuland.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 12