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I am a Pure Romance Director and have been with the company for 2+ years. I am in the top 1% of the company which is within the top 200 consultants out of 15,000.
Pure Romance is an in home party plan that is focused on educating women how to enhance their relationships with themselves and/or their partner and how to be safe, have fun and BE THEMSELVES!
We are directly connected with the Kinsey Instution in our product development which means that we are dedicated to offering the best and the safest products to our clients.

Our parties are done in an in-home setting environment with 18+ women, ONLY! No men, no kids, just the girls getting together sharing some laughs, drinks and girl-talk.

We do every kind of atmosphere party from a small intimate gathering of 2/3 girls to a full-blown-all-out- bachelorette party!

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Pure Romance Director Burnsville, MN
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Pure Romance Director

Category: Relationships
I educate, enhance and enlighten women on how to become better connected to themselves and if applicable, their partner. I do this in an in home setting where I offer education on our product base of: Lotions, Potions, and Enhancement Toys
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Presidents Club '08
Years Experience: 3