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Mella Kaufman, MA

Mella Kaufman has been in the mental health field for 15 years working with a variety of different populations.

She studied Clinical Psychology and Counseling Psychology in Masters programs. She made many presentations to companies and small businesses around Oregon about health and wellness. She was selected from a nation pool of applicants to make a presentation entitled, "Empowering the Female Prisoner" at the 2005 AWP Conference in Tampa, Florida.

She has worked with the chronically mentally ill, special needs population, families, provided crisis support, individual crisis counseling, and couples counseling.

She continues her work with families and individuals in her private practice. Focusing on dating coaching.

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Psychotherapy Portland, OR
Leadership and Wellness Seminars Portland, OR
Couples Counseling Portland, OR
Workshop for Developing your private practice. Portland, OR
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Category: Therapy
Struggling with relationships, depression, anxiety, childhood trauma or workplace dynamics? You may think that feeling dissatisfied, uncomfortable and disconnected is normal; it doesn't have to be. I can help you find a different way to go through life. Don't get through with sheer force of will. We will work together to finding ways to effectively act on the things you want to change, to feel more balanced and fulfilled in your daily life.
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15 years
Years Experience: 15

Leadership and Wellness Seminars

Category: Education
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Years Experience: 10

Couples Counseling

Category: Therapy
It's not how many problems you have, it's how you resolve them.  Can you identify conflicts in your relationship?  Can you find ways to be closer?  Can you reconnect with your partner?  Can you deepen your intimacy and connection?

Heighten your enjoyment of each other.  Learn skills to communicate. Solve conflicts with emotional intelligence.

Together, soothe your anxieties and fears.

Together, find ways to be open and vulnerable.

Feel truly seen.  Feel truly understood.  Deepen your connection, sexually and emotionally.  You can heal through your relationship.
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Years Experience: 15

Workshop for Developing your private practice.

Category: Education

Develop a Thriving Private Practice
Whether you are starting or expanding your practice learn to:
1. Strengthen your unique selling position;
2. Collect fees you deserve;
3. Handle “yes”, “no”, and “maybe”;
4. Manage clinical issues in counseling;
5. Develop a support network to grow your

Date: Please call for next available date for group.

Mella is also available for individual consultation regarding developing a private practice.
Location: 1800 SW 1st ave suite 1 portland Oregon 97201
Price: $200 *Limited to ten participants.
Contact: Mella for more information at 503 313-9070 or email
*Tax deductible business expense as permitted by law.
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Years Experience: 6