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Kaldra Edmonton_goddess

I have 19 years of experience with Psychic: Talking Stones Divination Readings skills in Edmonton, AB.
My education and credentials include PAgan since 1991.

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Psychic: Talking Stones Divination Readings Edmonton, AB
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Psychic: Talking Stones Divination Readings

Category: Religious / Spiritual
Talking stones are a unique divination tool that tell a story about the questioner and can offer guidance on life issues.

Readings are available days or evenings and can be done in the privacy of your home, or easily over tea at a local shop.

$30 per reading and these 'year at a glance' type readings are a great way to ask the stones to show you what you need to be aware of to achieve your goals.

Kaldra, the original "Edmonton_Goddess", has been a openly practicing paganism since being dedicated in 1991; Kaldra has been reading divination in this self created style for over 6 years, with great success for those in search of answers.

Kaldra teaches and facilitates pagan spirituality through community learning in the Edmonton Pagan Learning Circle Fellowship (EPLC): - offering friendly pagan circles. For information about paganism or about talking stone readings, search face book for edmonton pagan learning circle or contact Kaldra directly via email.

Schedule a reading in Edmonton & Surrounding Areas, Readings can be paid for by Cash or bartering of services/products.

Blessings from Kaldra
Relevant Education / Credentials
PAgan since 1991
Years Experience: 19