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Well I am twenty five years old. I currently moved to the Omaha Nebraska area with my girlfriend and our family (pets), cant forget about those. I work in the service industry as well as college, my significant other does the same. I come from a large family and would not change that for the world family is ultimatley one of the most important thing to me in this life.

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Psychic Readings Omaha, NE
Motivational Speaking Omaha, NE
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Psychic Readings

Category: Religious / Spiritual
I have been using this gift for about two years now. I was not aware that I had a grandmother who was psychic until she passed and I learned of her past. My parents passed away when I was young and I think it came a bit natural when it was brought to my attention. I have been doing readings now for a little over a year in the DesMoines Iowa area and recently in the Omaha Nebraska area. So if you want the comfort from past peole in your life or knowledge about your spirit guide or your role that your are playing, or simply to communicate with someone from your past that has past on that would be me. A psychic cannot fortell the future nor can help you win the lottery etc. This is bogus and if you ever have anyone tell you this or give you predictions then you need to run the other way. A psychic can give you glimpses of the future in great detail when it is not for a reason of greed but for personal happieness. I charge a flat fee of 50 a hour it is in the privacey of your own home. If a psychic ever asks for more than quoted you need to run the other way as they are in it for thier wealth and not the help of you, also no psychic is 100% accurate, the most accurate pschic ever tested is 92.7 percent accurate i fall in at 86 wich is the high end of average for a claimed psychic..
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can provide refferences upon request.
Years Experience: 2

Motivational Speaking

Category: Motivation / Inspiration
I have been doing motivational speaking for a little over five years, I do special rates for youth groups,and also do mature comedy for parties, large groups etc. I focus on personal value, growing with problems etc. any questions just ask
Relevant Education / Credentials
Will provide upon request
Years Experience: 5