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Michele Halecki

I'm an internationally known Palm Reader and Pschic. I am very skilled and honest. I do not see bad things, as I am a positive person. if I see something that might potentially be a problem area, I will advise you on a way to either avoid it or correct it. I do palm readings for couples to see if you have found your "Soul Mate". I'm the only palm reader that I know of that does this. My rates are very reasonable, and I work out of my home. (Keeps the overhead down.) I'm available 24/7 by appointment. Don't be nervous, I can help you. I'll be waiting for your call. 910-799-6420. Palm readings are strictly done in person, no photos or Xerox copies. Tarot readings can be done by phone, but I only accept cash, so you would have to prepay by mail if you wanted to do the reading on the phone. When it was received, I would call you and let you know that it has been received and do your reading when it is convenient for both of us.

Profile Summary:
Psychic Readings. Wilmington, NC
Hostess, Front Desk Clerk, Night Manager, Wilmington, NC
phone operator Wilmington, NC
More About Me
I like movies, comedy, dramas, regular TV channels during the new season, Chuck, Grey's Anatomy, Momma's Boys, The Bachelor, and anything WWE. I love Wrestling. My favorite is Shawn Michaels. I love playing with my two cats, Magic and Daisy (Little Bit). They keep me centered and sane.
Work Experience:
I have held many positions. I was a court reporter for 20 years for the Government, working overseas 8 of those years, 7 years working at the Pentagon, and the balance working in Norfolk, VA, at the Naval Base. I've been Front Desk Clerk and Night Manager at hotels, and I have done temp work when I was in between permanent jobs. I used to transcribe 190 words per minute, but I'm slower now, probably down to 110, or so. Not been tested recently. Take speedwriting at 100 wpm, that has probably not changed. I'm outgoing, love meeting new people and love to help people. I've been doing Palm Readings and Tarot readings and oher Psychic readings for 20+ years. I amaze myself and my friends. I can tell you things about yourself that you did not know, and then you check with someone and let me know I was right! That happened in England.
New Hanover High School graduated 1968, Wilmington, NC;
University of Maryland, overseas campus, (not completed a degree yet).
Organizations / Affilations:
National Stenmoask Verbatim Reporters Association; (USA)
Capeside Village Homeowners Association, Wilmington, NC.
Member of Friendship Church, Wilmington, NC.
Michele Halecki is located in Wilmington, NC and has the following skills: Psychic Readings., Hostess, Front Desk Clerk, Night Manager,, phone operator
Hospitality, Art / Creative, Communications
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My Skills

Psychic Readings.

Category: Art / Creative
Palm Reader (exceptional), can tell you your past and your present and future from both palms. Reasonable rates. Can predict weather a year in advance for a particular location if I have been to that location beforehand.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Studied under a Master Psychic (now deceased) in Norfolk, VA. Taught me a lot, but I have learned a lot on my own.
Years Experience: 20

Hostess, Front Desk Clerk, Night Manager,

Category: Hospitality
Hired first as a front desk clerk in a small family owned motel, then went on to be 2nd Shift Manager for another motel (family owned.) Then was hired and worked as Night Manager for Fairfield Inn.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 5

phone operator

Category: Communications
I have been a telephone information operator, a switchboard operator, a receptionist, telemarketer(hated that one), and secretary to the GM.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 10