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I am a minister of the Universal Life Church; I teach the Universe is alive and aware, and can aid us in manipulating the world around us for the good of ourselves and humankind (and animal-kind for that matter!).
I can teach you how to do that.
I've been a psychic reader for over 30 years. I've worked the phone psychics and found them to be more interested in conning people out of their money than giving honest, forthright readings! Everything is not cappable of being made into a rosie senario; sometimes you gotta tell them about the thorns.

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Expressionist Art Spring City, TN
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Woodworking, Woodwright, hiking, travel, achieving the impossible. Meditation, astral projetion, dowsing, artist, herbalist, return to nature buff. Natural farming, raising my children, and my farm animals; cattle, goats, a few horses.
Work Experience:
I tried working in several industial fields, and found myself unsatisfied. I begain following my Bliss in `88, and took up my studies in the off-shoot path ("The Road Less Traveled", by Carl Sanberg). I touched on the Divine, and have been peacefully content with my single life unless I get involved with others too closely.
12 yrs atandard, trained in Expressonist Art, and independant studies in psycology and the Inner Mind of human and the Cosmic Conciousness.
Organizations / Affilations:
Minister in Universal Life Church, affiliation with the Church of All Worlds
John D is located in Spring City, TN and has the following skills: PSYCHIC READER: TAROT CARDS, Expressionist Art
Religious / Spiritual, Art / Creative
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Category: Religious / Spiritual
Psychic reading via Tarot cards. Touch healing. Sometimes called Reiki. This is more common than the modern notaion of Reiki. Energy transposing from Universal energies for the sake of physical & emotional healings.
We do not charge a fee, but rather, accept donations for our working; for example; a short, three-card reading might recieve a cash gift of $10.00. To contact, write to: for more information. Details for contact and donations delivery info will be included in the e-mail reply. Please have legedimate e-mail address for punctional response. NO READINGS WILL BE PERFORMED ON THE NET. ALL WILL BE PHONE RESPONSES.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Self-taught in dream interpitation; Studied Karl Jung, Ritchie, and other psycologists who found deeper inner human minds, the subconcious, and who are rejected off-hand by modern "medicine".
Years Experience: 30

Expressionist Art

Category: Art / Creative
My art is for seeing the dream world, and visions of the inner mind. Love, dancing, Gods and Goddesses, Spirits, Elves, Earth Spirits, and how we interact with these beings. UFOlogy.
Relevant Education / Credentials
50-plus years; Art Degree from Amrican Art Institute.
Years Experience: 51