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I have 34 years of experience with Psychic Healer skills in Oroville, CA. I also have 23 years of experience with guidance cuidance counslor skills, 2 years of experience with Spritual Leader & Counslor skills all of which I also do in the Oroville, CA area.
My education and credentials include 11 yrs. collage.

Profile Summary:
Psychic Healer Oroville, CA
guidance cuidance counslor Oroville, CA
Spritual Leader & Counslor Oroville, CA
My Skills

Psychic Healer

Category: Science / Research
I awaken comatosa patients!
Relevant Education / Credentials
11 yrs. collage
Years Experience: 34

guidance cuidance counslor

Category: Religious / Spiritual
Trained Buddhist Guidance Counslor
Relevant Education / Credentials
Trained by ONE! This person is the only man in the USA to train counslors!
Years Experience: 23

Spritual Leader & Counslor

Category: Religious / Spiritual
This is a new belief system I started last year to help people become happy. A totaly NEW BELIEF SYSTEM can be found on
follow Science & technology then Psycology then New Belief System!
Relevant Education / Credentials
My prior religion and Buddhism molded into ONE then after 25 years I founded New Belief System.
Years Experience: 2