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Since the mid-80s, I have been working as a freelance author, as well as holding down full-time jobs in many busy offices. My background includes publications in a variety of newspapers and magazines, and the publication of my first two novels in 2005. In addition to writing my own work, I also work as a freelance copyeditor for other authors, helping them make the best of their manuscripts.

I am originally from Springfield, Ohio, where I spent most of my life, but I now make my home in St. Louis, with my new husband and my daughter.

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Proofreading and Editing Saint Ann, MO
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In my spare time, I enjoy writing, watching movies, playing retro NES games, reading, and surfing the Internet or keeping up with friends online.
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3205 BUDER CT.. • ST. ANN, MO 63074
Freelance Writer & Copyeditor
Whether it is a term paper, a short story, your resume, a newsletter, sales materials, web text, or the great American novel, I want to read your work and help you streamline it! My goal as a copyeditor is to use my experience in writing and with grammar and style to make your ideas shine for your readers and help you say what you want to say in a creative way that maintains your style and tone while eliminating common errors that detract from your work.
· Dialogue & Postscripts (Contributing Co-Editor, 2005)· New Beginnings in Christ Newsletter, Northside Baptist Church (Editor, Copywriter 2000-01)· Sisters in the Lord, SPICE Column (Editor, January – July 2005)· Sunrise to Better Health Newsletter (monthly) and Getting in Touch with Pure Herbs Newsletter (quarterly), Miesse’s Herbs (Editor, Copywriter, 1987 – 2006)· Teen Times Newsletter, Liberty Baptist Temple (Editor, Copywriter, 1984)· The Monster’s Mind, Independent Film adaptation by Brett Hatten (Co-Producer, 2005)· The Natural Alternative, weekly column by Frank Miesse (Editor, Copywriter, 1985 – 2006)· Falling Roses: The Years Between, novel by Rosemarie Piemonte (Copyeditor, 2006)· Symphony of your Karma, nonfiction book by Rachel Madorsky (Copyeditor, 2007)· Jami’s Descent, partial manuscript by Amy Hutchins (Copyeditor, 2007)· The Marriage of True Minds, manuscript by Sharon Lee Prentice (Copyeditor, 2006)· Mackenzie’s Pride, gothic novel by Barbara Flamm (Copyeditor, 2006-07)· Nine Lives, science fiction novel by Frank Say (Copyeditor, 2008)· Robots Included, science fiction short stories collection by Tony Thorne (Copyeditor, 2008)
Magazines, Ezines & Newspapers (Local, National, and International)· Associated Content (May 2006 –
Associates Degree - Word Processing
Elements of Creative Non-Fiction - Self Study through Writer's Digest Schools
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Absynthe Muse Young Writers Mentoring Program
Autumn Conley is located in Saint Ann, MO and has the following skills: Proofreading and Editing
Writing / Journalism
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Proofreading and Editing

Category: Writing / Journalism
If you have a book manuscript or shorter written work that needs to be polished, I can help!

Since 1985, I have been working as a freelance author (with several publications, including two novels of my own), so I know how important your written work is to you. As a copyeditor/proofreader, I make it my goal to treat every project with the same expedience, accuracy, and scrutiny that I would put my own work under. I have 20 years of experience in writing and editing, and I can help your manuscript shine.

If you have a manuscript in any length, any genre (including everything from essays and reports to long novels or nonfiction), I can sweep it for grammar, punctuation, spelling, continuity, clarity, tense, sentence structure, and a variety of other problems. I can even help you rewrite passages that are causing you trouble, and give you suggestions on how to better get your point across without losing your own style and tone.

For only $1 per page, on a flexible payment plan, I can proof your document in Microsoft Word and get it back to you quickly. Or, if you prefer, I can hand-check a hard copy by postal mail.

Contact me today about your project. I am eager to read your masterpiece and help you make it sparkle before you present it to your professor or publisher! If you'd like a work history and list of references, just ask! Contact me at or visit http:// »
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Associates Degree in Word Processing, freelance writer (published) for 20 years, copyeditor since 1985.
Years Experience: 22