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Laura Green

You can trust in a professional
with knowledge and experience of more than 17 years of excellence.
My experience is a wealth of
knowledge accumulated from studying at the Santa Maria University's Law
School in Venezuela, and earning a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Spanish at the University of Kansas
in the U.S. This experience was enhanced by having worked as a professional for 17 years, and having
lived in both cultures. I have performed professional translations and interpretations for many companies in
the following areas:

Water Parks
Home Appliances Distributors
Health Insurance
Lawn Services
Video and Cable
College Business and Industry Department
Court Interpreting

If you need a high quality professional to translate your documents in a confidential manner from
Spanish to English or English to Spanish, utilize my services. Your translations will be precise,
prompt, reliable, and at a reasonable cost!

Profile Summary:
Professional Translator Wesley Chapel, FL
My Skills

Professional Translator

Category: Language / Translation
Professional Translations for businesses, corporations, schools, colleges, programs, religious organizations, websites, personal documents,interpreting (In Tampa Bay Area only), advertising, and other projects.
Relevant Education / Credentials
17 years of experience doing professional translations and interpretations in the US and in South America. University Degree in Psychology and Spanish from the US, and four years of Law School in South America.
Years Experience: 17