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I have 8 years of experience with Professional Dog Training skills in Canyon Lake, TX.
My education and credentials include Accreditted and Member of Behavior Education Network.

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Professional Dog Training Canyon Lake, TX
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Professional Dog Training

Category: Nature / Animals
Alison has professionally trained dogs for over 8 years. Her methods focus on proper communication paired with a scientific combination of positive reinforcement, balanced pack structure, and fair discipline to gain motivated obedience, reliable behaviors, and a strong bond with your pets.

Her experience includes basic, advanced, and specialized obedience for puppies and adult dogs, severe behavioral problem solving, aggression and phobias, canine ethology and animal psychology, service and military working dogs, just to name a few. She is constantly continuing education on animal behavior and training and adding new knowledge to her 'training toolbox'.

You’ll appreciate Alison’s common sense approach and easy integration of training into your daily life. Quality references upon request.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Accreditted and Member of Behavior Education Network
Years Experience: 8