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Gary Michaels aka Gary the Artist is a versatile painter who works in Oils. He has been an Artist all of his life. His background includes FineTechnical Detailed Drafting, Acrylics, Watercolors, Pastel and Colored Pencil. He is meticulous in color and fine line detail in their use of color and line, seem at first glance to be heavily influenced for Realism. But further acquaintance with Gary Michaels work and unique experience reveal an Artist who is passioned, intellectually solid in technique to create one of a original body of work.

Gary Michaels is originally from Louisiana, and was educated in the area of Art from his Mother who was an Artist herself.He holds education Certificates and Degrees starting from Art Instruction Schools, Minneapolis, MN.

Inspired and Influenced by Arnold Friberg, Gary is self directed and self taught to go beyond the regular methods of learning Art Illustration. He spent 10 Years developing his own technique that gives him a unique signature artistic theme to his work.

As Gary discovered, the technique of using Mylar fine drawing leads in doing detailed
accurate layout gives a very fine consistency is an ideal material for realism.Before application in the Glazing of Thin Transparent Oils in hundreds of layers over a detailed drafted drawing which gives an almost brilliant glow an photographic look using lights against darks that can fool even an expert. The combined use of his own technique and fine Oil Glazings with nontraditional techniques brings further variety to his paintings through the use of custom manipulations of opacity and translucency.

The whole art form is reminiscent of the process we use to bring a Painting to life that impacts. The work is decidedly two dimensional and demands extensive work and preparation - it is impossible to perceive the paintings' richness by seeing them online or in print.

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