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Primarily Weekends; Some Weekdays;


Child Sitting

Personal Assistant

-Expert Organizer – Your home, Summer home, Office etc..
I'll make your life easier

-Available to go on vacations w/ families and tend to children while you and your significant other enjoy much needed time together.

-Available to stay at your home while you enjoy a Night Out
- You know you need it!!

-Children's Personal Shopper - I was assistant manager at Kenzie Kids ,, in Chestnut Hill Mass. I did a lot of the merchandizing and some of the buying. can shop for your picky child, or that child that nothing seems to fit quite right. ; I can shop at any stores you prefer, incl. Grocery Stores.

---Why waste a Saturday doing grocery shopping, laundry, and running errands, when you can enjoy a day with [ or without ] your Family.

Pricing: Negotiable - Tell me your budget! - Tell me what you need! And we can work something out!!

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Profesional Organizer Boston, MA
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My name is Melody Cunningham and I have always had a place in my heart for children. My love and years of experience with children prompted a thought: I should follow my heart and start my own business. I did my homework, achieved formal certification in CPR and 1st Aid, and took a professional childcare safety course.

My qualifications are diverse and extensive. As a child and adolescent, my mother had a daycare in our family home in which I helped designed assisted her with the children.She also endeared herself to the neighborhood children by operating a penny candy store on the first floor of our house. Furthermore, I am a former classically trained professional dancer and taught children dance lessons for 10 years
in Boston.

For 13 years I worked for a specialty children clothing store called Kenzie Kids and I loved it! Throughout the course of my tenure at Kenzie Kids I’ve developed a personal relationship with a lot of the moms and their children, they were no longer just shoppers they were my friends. For some I have provided personal childcare on occasion and supervised and supplied activities for children at huge parties. Ive been entrusted to use my own judgment to do personal gift shopping for others. They’ve made me feel very confident in my abilities.

I have raised two children of my own; one is an Electrical Engineer, the other an Economics Major who is also an aspiring musician. I have countless nieces and nephews and friends with children for which I have provided care, including my physical disabled god daughter.

If you’re in need of a Expert Organizer, Personal Assistant, Child sitter, Personal Children Shopping and/or Errands, Vacations, Parties, , I am at your service!

Melody Cunningham
617 480 4153
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Melody Cunningham is located in Boston, MA and has the following skills: Profesional Organizer
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