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I'm the Executive Director of the Institute for Lean Systems, a job I created after serving as a Lecturer and the Manager of the University of Kentucky’s Lean Systems Certification Programs. My colleagues and I built the University of Kentucky program into a globally recognized program which the Society of Manufacturing Engineers dubbed “the model for manufacturing engineering education in the US.” I was also responsible for developing and teaching certification courses, executive courses, and academic courses.

Prior to joining the University, I served as a career officer in the United States Army, first as an Infantry officer from 1981 to 1991, then, from 1992 to 1998, as a systems acquisition officer in the Army Acquisition Corps contracting for and managing multi-billion dollar weapon systems development and production programs. I served as Operations Officer for the Defense Contract Management Command’s offices at Lockheed Martin Vought Systems, where I provided oversight to the development and production of the missile systems that company built for the government. From 1998 to my retirement in 2001, I taught Production and Quality Management for the Defense Acquisition University where I introduced an entire lean curriculum to the basic and intermediate level courses in that career field.

I continue to develop and teach courses on topics related to problem solving, suggestion systems, employee involvement, team building, and creating satisfying workplaces. I have lead seminars and workshops around the world for companies in aerospace, automotive, wood products, healthcare, construction, chemical and pharmaceutical, continuous process, and marine industries.

I'm married and have 3 kids, all growing too fast.

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Problem Solving Lawrenceburg, KY
Team building Lawrenceburg, KY
Executive Development - Servant Leadership Lawrenceburg, KY
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Photography, outdoor experiential education, backpacking, climbing, orienteering
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I have a BA in International Relations from WKU, and an MS in Industrial Management from Clemson. I'm working on a PhD in Psychology from Capella.
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AME, SME, MOAA, American Legion
David Veech is located in Lawrenceburg, KY and has the following skills: Problem Solving, Team building, Executive Development - Servant Leadership
Consulting, Training
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My Skills

Problem Solving

Category: Consulting
I help companies identify, define, analyze and solve problems with any of their processes or personnel. I offer 1 day, 3 day, and 5 day problem solving skills workshops focusing on real problems in your business for groups of 4 to 12 people.

I will teach your teams a detailed problem solving process that has gotten proven results, providing them with the specific tools and techniques they will need to define and analyze problems, discover root causes, develop and evaluate countermeasures, plan and implement countermeasures, and confirm the countermeasure solved the problem at the root cause.

I have 30 years' experience solving problems in the military and for industry. This process is a blend of tried and true Plan-Do-Check-Act, Six Sigma methods, TRIZ methods, and A3 thinking (Toyota) and has been used for solving problems in marketing, sales, purchasing, logistics, manufacturing, human resources, and services.

General pricing at $2,000 per day. Email for detailed pricing and scheduling.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Military Leadership, Lean Systems Certified, PhD candidate in psychology, focusing on educational, industrial, and organizational psychology. I've been teaching problem solving for 10 years, and solving problems for 30.
Years Experience: 10

Team building

Category: Training
I facilitate rapid development of teams to reach high levels of performance in shorter periods of time. I offer 4 hour, 8 hour, and 2-day team building workshops conducted in your facility for teams of 6 to 18 people. These are particularly effective for creative teams, product development teams, project teams, and problem solving teams.

I will take your teams through activities and exercises designed to build trust and get better results. I'll coach them through conflict management and brainstorming activities. I'll teach them how to facilitate their own meetings for maximum productivity. They'll have more energy and more focus to attack their work projects.

General pricing is $2,000 per day. Send email to for specific pricing and scheduling.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Military Leadership, Lean Systems Certified, PhD candidate in psychology, focusing on educational, industrial, and organizational psychology. BSA Certified life guard and climbing instructor.
Years Experience: 20

Executive Development - Servant Leadership

Category: Consulting
I am an experienced executive educator, having delivered hundreds of executive workshops focusing on servant leadership for lean systems. I offer services as an executive coach, and can help improve performance through assessment and analysis of the current situation, goal setting and daily management, and frequent performance feedback.

I can help with your strategic planning for your company, developing a hoshin plan, and daily management of these goals as well. I offer a 2-day lean executive course to provide an overview of executive requirements for lean transformation and illustrate these requirements in a comprehensive system simulation I designed.

Send email to dveech@gmail to request additional contact details.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Retired Army officer, 30-year student of leadership, MS in Industrial Management, PhD candidate in Psychology. Boy Scout leader for over 20 years.
Years Experience: 20