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Pro Tools track editing available - Budget pricing

Category: Art / Creative
I am currently accepting accounts for Pro Tools editing.
I can fix your Pro Tools tracks without taking up valuable studio time.
Typical examples of some of the services offered are....

Track composits-flying parts, Cut/paste & dynamically match individual words/parts etc...
Track cleanup- (breathing , pops/clicks, Mic anomalies, string noise etc...)
Time align imported tracks that are not locked to the grid
Dynamic noise reduction
DC/De-normal correction
Pitch correction, pitch shift
Timing correction
Non compressed gain levelling
Character processing of tracks (Emulated Vintage EQ, Compression, preamps, Analog tape etc...)
For those clients with limited Pro Tools resources, I can also provide high quality, analog style mixdowns, submixes, high fidelity Master to MP3 conversions etc...
ADAT to ProTools transfers/Sync to time grid (Don't let those old ADAT projects go to waste!)
My rates are...
$20 per hour - Work at home (you send me the tracks. *** multiple edit versions upon request)
$30 per hour - Work at your location (This service is available in Nashville & the surrounding locale)

Also available; Overdubs for your demo tracks (Guitar, Mandolin, Bass, B3, strings, horns, piano other varius keyboard parts)- Same deal as the $20 per hour - work at home

I am very easy to work with. You can hear examples of my work on myspace
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 30