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Dr. Donnelly's teaching experience and academic qualifications are second to none. After earning his Ph.D. in Mathematical Science from Oxford University at the tender age of 25, Dr. Donnelly followed his love of teaching and embarked upon a career in education. With over 15 years of teaching experience at every level, Dr. Donnelly's patient and professional teaching style has helped literally hundreds of students to greatly improve their confidence and significantly increase their standardized test scores

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Private Tutor New York, NY
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Tutors of Oxford specializes in providing the finest quality individual private tutoring and standardized test preparation available in Manhattan. Dr. Donnelly is one of the most experienced and qualified private tutors in the country. Over the years he has helped literally hundreds of students achieve academic success and significantly improve their grades.

Summary of services:

Private tutoring and intensive revision courses available for all major college and graduate admissions tests (SAT, GMAT, GRE, ACT, AP, etc.)
Preparation for the New York Specialized High School Tests (Regents, SHSAT)
Customized lessons focusing on your particular needs
Mathematics, Physics & English /Verbal tutoring (all levels catered for)
Past paper practice & test-taking techniques revealed
Weekly progress reports available.
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Ph.D. in mathematical science from Oxford University. Honors degree in mathematics & physics. College professor at two separate U.S. universities George Washington University, D.C. Western Connecticut State University, CT. Four years teaching Math & Physics at a highly prestigious private High School. 15 years private tutoring experience at all levels including both the Math and English/Verbal sections of each of the standardized tests. Founder and director of Tutors of Oxford premium tutorial service.
Years Experience: 15