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Near 20 years of working with youth on the baseball diamond. My son (left-handed pitcher) is currently a college player on scholarship and has never had any personal instruction outside of myself. My 20 plus years in the entertainment business has put me in the company of MLB pro players and I would pick their brains and pass the instruction on to my son and many of his friends. Currently have three players that i gave private attention to, and have coached, that have been drafted by major league teams. My son is on pace to enter the draft in 2009.

If your son is just starting to play, now is the time for proper private instruction. Camps and Clinics have their place but really, how much will your 10 yr old remember in a group of 30 to 50 other kids. And i won't go into the cost of these camps and clinics.

I will also teach you the parent how to protect your son from coaches who cause many kids to dislike the game.

So, if your son will be playing for the first time next season, i will turn him into that kid that every coach wants on his team. If your son was sitting on the bench last season watching other kids play, i will get him in that starting line-up. If your son is in the starting line-up i will fine tune him to be scholarship worthy.

Feel free to email me with your interest, questions and further conversation of cost and work schedules.
Please note: an adult must be present at all workouts and cost are very, very reasonable. No need to get a second job.
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