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Premium High End Automotive Detailing

Category: Automobiles
Not all auto detailers are the same! Most will clean your vehicle to a certain extent, however I am not one of these detailers.

Our cars get beaten up everyday by the elements, and it is only through persistent maintenance that a car can look its best and hold the most value. Most people do not have the 3-4 hours per week to make certain this occurs, and this is where I come in. I specialize in thoroughly cleaning all surfaces, clay bar treatments, paint leveling and correction, and finally a beautiful topper known as carnauba wax. I use only premium detailing supplies that my own personal vehicle receives, and what a difference it makes! I have packages ranging from 100-400 dollars and can work on vehicles up to 20 hours or more, which I believe makes my prices more than fair. I have had much experience with a variety of cars, some worth over 100,000.00 and have never had a detail come back to me because of overlooked details. If you are tired of the run of the mill "detailer," then maybe it is time to step up and bring it so I can bling it! Email at for further consultation and booking..thank you for your time!
Relevant Education / Credentials
Former owner of my own professional detailing business. I relocated to pursue a career in medicine, therefore it was on the back burner until now!
Years Experience: 3