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I am a Belgian artist and distributor of a new product, called Powertex, which we import directly from Belgium.
Powertex is an environmental friendly water based fabric hardener, which
can be applied on canvas to create beautiful textures or can be used to create durable statues and jewelry!
The application possibilities and the quality of this product are not comparable with any other paint, powder or textile hardener available.
To learn more about us, our art, and the Powertex products, please visit our website and our video at
We also give classes in the use of the product.
The success of Powertex is overwhelming in Europe and Australia.

Profile Summary:
Powertex Ocoee, FL
Watercolor Ocoee, FL
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Category: Art / Creative
I really enjoy working with Powertex , because it’s such a fascinating medium, with so many great possibilities.
And finally I could express myself through color and the medium itself.
Some people told us that our artwork looks so ‘international’. Belgium is a small country with a lot of influences and it’s the perfect place to travel to other places in Europe, Africa and even to India.
Our artwork reflects our own life experience, cultural influences and our emotions.
It’s so excited to work with powertex!
Relevant Education / Credentials
My daughter and I went to Belgium to follow classes with the developer of the products, artist Brigitte Grade
Years Experience: 2


Category: Art / Creative
I have a passion for watercolors;
watercolors are a wonderful medium to portray the beauty that nature
offers us.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Went to art school in Belgium and followed classes with renowned artists
Years Experience: 15