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Audrey Greenwell

My husband and I live in the country in Arkansas where I have a restoration studio in our small barn. I have extensive experience restoring pottery and it all started back in 1973 with 'China Painting'. I established a clientele of people who purchased my pieces.

Do to needing a job, I used my China Painting as a portfolio and got a job at Hallmark Cards, Inc,in KC,Mo where I worked for 19 years. It was during this time that I saw many beautiful pieces of pottery and porcelain that were in need of restoration. I did some research, found a teacher about 100 miles away where I took classes for several months.

That was the beginning of a love of the art of restoration. I have had numerous classes since then and have established a large client list that has been very satisfied with my craft.

I buy pieces of distressed Roseville, Hull, Weller and other pieces of fine pottery and restore it. I often sell on eBay and have a 100% feedback at this time. My nic there is'fotofalcon' and if you care to check it out, feel free. Many of the comments are by happy buyers of restored pottery!!

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Pottery Restoration and Conservation Pea Ridge, AR
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Photography, Water Color Painting,
Traveling, My Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren and cooking.
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I worked as an Artist/Supervisor at Hallmark Cards, Inc. for 19 years. Prior to this, I spent quite a few years traveling to many cities due to my husband's job.

After retirement from Hallmark, my husband and I sold our belongings, bought a Motorhome and spent the next five years traveling around, meeting new people and enjoying our fine country.

We moved to SW Oklahoma to live on a farm a few years ago, but our family had a big move planned and we ended up being in an area where although we knew a lot of people, our family was elsewhere! We sold the farm, and moved to NW Arkansas where we now live.
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Chamber of Commerce
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First Baptist Church of Pea Ridge
Audrey Greenwell is located in Pea Ridge, AR and has the following skills: Pottery Restoration and Conservation
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Pottery Restoration and Conservation

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There are many techniques that must be used to correctly prepare the piece, put the pieces together, fill, prime, and prepare for painting. Anyone can fill the cracks and the chips. Smoothing the restoration is another matter. With plenty of 'elbow grease' and sanding supplies, one can smooth the place rather well. Now comes the part that many people struggle with. What colors am I going to use?? What is my base color? How do I get the effect that I am looking for? Why is my paint shiny in the restored place? As you can see, painting is a very exacting thing when one tries to match the colors that are present in Roseville. Many restorers "repair" the entire side of the piece in trying to cover up the restored spot with paint.

Enough about that! My reason for writing this guide is to encourage collectors to buy well restored pieces of Roseville. The company has been out of business for a long time, and pieces are becoming harder to find. As more and more people start to collect Roseville, there will be more restored pieces seen in their collections.

A good piece of restored Roseville can be displayed with pride as you will not be able to tell it from one that is perfect.

Oh yes! You can remove the restoration and prove to the eye that the piece has been restored! But then all you have accomplished is that you have shown that the piece has been restored! The professional restorer has spent many hours lovingly putting the piece into pristine condition. A small amount of acetone can remove that artist's work in a few seconds. What did you accomplish? If you can't see the restoration with the naked eye, or a magnifying glass, why destroy what the professional restorer has done? There are other methods to use to prove that a piece is restored that does not destroy the piece in the process.

As a restorer myself, I find that restoring these pieces of Roseville to be very fulfilling. I also know that they are every bit as valuable as th
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Several Classes with Restorers and many years of color matching while working at Hallmark Cards, Inc.
Years Experience: 17