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The first time I painted with oils I was nine years old and the painting was of trees crudely splotched onto a paper plate. Before I began the painting an overwhelming feeling of passion came over me as my imagination ran wild across the white blankness. It didn't take long before I realized that there is much to learn about paints, brushes, surfaces, and my hands coordinating with my brain to use them in achieving desired effects. I was somewhat angry with myself when I couldn't make the paints portray what I was imagining and that was the beginning of my urgency to learn.

Although it would be years before I picked up a brush again, I did lots of drawing with pencils, pens, markers, colored pencils, and pastels. At the time I wasn't aware how much having skills in drawing translates to painting. At age 21 and thousands of drawings later, I picked up a brush and opened a tube of oil paint; the smell immediately brought back memories and I was able to get much better results. That's when my true love for painting began.

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Portrait Artist Lafayette, LA
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Photography, Writing, The Great Outdoors(go to Alaska!)
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I have worked so many jobs that...maybe I am the most boring polymath alive. Ok, maybe I shouldn't even categorize myself that way. DaVinci and Goethe were real polymaths; if I can do one-tenth of any one thing that they did then i'm getting somewhere.

Seriously, I have done everything from floor boy in a grocery store to senior lead technician for a pipeline company working in Saudi Arabia.

Things with relevance to painting:

Studied visual arts and art history at ULL

Studied under master painter William Carl Groh who is an absolute painting genius! Google him!

Several exhibitions of my original paintings around the Lafayette area

Lots of portraits
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Jeromy Young is located in Lafayette, LA and has the following skills: Portrait Artist
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Portrait Artist

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I am a portrait artist, painting is my passion. I work with oil paints because of the effects and detail that can be achieved. Many people don't understand the amount of time and work it takes to accomplish a desired look, as there are so many variations between each piece. It is a process-as it should be-and mastering the process takes many years. An artist's responsibility is to prove themselves by being prolific in creating work that is undeniable in its aesthetic qualities. To produce art for someone and receive appreciation is fuel. Although the majority of my paintings are portraits, I am open to all ideas, and I accept commissions from any State.
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I am mostly self taught, but for the record I won artist of the year twice in high school, studied visual arts and art history at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and have shown my original work in galleries around Lafayette as well as the internet.
Years Experience: 10