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My names Michael Melem, Im 22 years old and ive been working in front of the camera since the age of 12. Its just something i love to do, whether sashaying down the carpet with new clothing lines posing for the camera, to turning 18 and shooting in the adult industry and making top ranking there, to even playing on the reality show "the gay real world", where a film crew followed us 24/7 and did a documentary about each of us 6 gay roomates lives. I'm great with marketing and publicity. I know how to market not only myself, but someone else and even a product to get it more recognized and out there for more cosumers or clients to buy... I can take a business and raises the sales almost 4k a week then what it was doing. I'm also great at party planning or event planning. I know what people like and i know how to make others happy. I can read people really well.

Profile Summary:
Pornstar Mount Dora, FL
Acting Mount Dora, FL
Event/party planning Mount Dora, FL
Marketing Sales Mount Dora, FL
Modeling/ High Fashion Mount Dora, FL
More About Me
Modeling/ Acting/ Marketing/event planning/party planning.
Work Experience:
Adult Industry
Reality show "The Gay Real World"
Event/Party Planning
Marketing/Advertising/Publicity for stores
Highschool Diploma. Class of 2007
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Michael Melem is located in Mount Dora, FL and has the following skills: Pornstar, Acting, Event/party planning, Marketing Sales, Modeling/ High Fashion
Marketing / Sales, Movies / Film, Talent, Acting / Drama, Event / Party Planning
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Category: Acting / Drama
Ranked number 15 out of 50 Gay porn Stars in the US. just google "Michael Dora Porn" ... Worked for the top studios and producers such as ChiChi Larue Herself.
Relevant Education / Credentials
ChiChi Larue
Years Experience: 4


Category: Movies / Film
Was on the Reality show "The Gay Real World" which was based online and HBO and was filmed 24/7 and always followed by a camera crew, they filmed a documentary about our lives for 6 months each person. lived in a huge house with 6 other gay guys. Which was deffiently INTENSE!
Relevant Education / Credentials
The Gay Real World, Collegeboyslive
Years Experience: 2

Event/party planning

Category: Event / Party Planning
I've attended many parties throughout my life and have watched how each theme has been done and watched what each guest has needed the most. Ive taken all of it and combined it together and im able to creat a huge party/event that will be one to remember.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Social Networking
Years Experience: 3

Marketing Sales

Category: Marketing / Sales
Took 2 of my dads stores that were doing about 8k a week and brought the sales up to doing 14k a week within 2 months. All of that was done by social networking, changing the quality of the food, and lots of marketing non stop.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Marketing/raising sales
Years Experience: 4

Modeling/ High Fashion

Category: Talent
Ive grown up around super models and lived my life around the fashion industry. When i was 12 i got into regular modeling and was huge into it because i loved being in front of the camera. I learned how to make my own unique look in fashion. I know what makes somone look good, even myself. Fashion is a huge thing for me. I can be operating a bull dozer and i will still be wearing a pair of Guccie Shoes and Dior jeans. Fashion is what describes you.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Super Models
Years Experience: 8