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Single Dad with teen daughter,two dogs,5 cats.
Moved to Las Vegas in 1969
Manager with a national electronic service co for 10 years.
Left to start my own company 7 years ago.

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Security (Electronic) Las Vegas, NV
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Camping, Gold Hunting like to write short SiFi for fun
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30 years experience designing security for Prisons, Jails and Detention Centers
Security design for Nevada Test Site
7 Years servicing Pools
Electronic Engineering Degree
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Phil Hurbace is located in Las Vegas, NV and has the following skills: POOL SERVICE, Security (Electronic)
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Category: Skilled Trade / Crafts
Service includes brushing the sides, bottom, cleaning the pool with standard baskets and cleaning skimmer each week. PK will service the main filter as required.
NOTE: PK does not provide diatomaceous, sand and cartridge filters; PK will not charge for the servicing but will charge for the materials in advance of the cleaning.
PK will provide all chemicals to maintain proper water conditioning, each week.
No extra charge for maintaining a spa that shares the same water as the pool.
Stand alone Spas are like a separate pool and will require an additional agreement on the rate charged.
Repairs required will be brought to your attention with a not to exceed bid on labor and parts.
If you have a working pool sweep PK will charge $80 per month, if you do not have a sweep then we charge $90 + per month, Based on the time required to remove the weekly build up.
Rates are not based on the size or depth of your pool but rather how well the back yard is maintained with a reasonable amount of expected material that will accumulate in the pool each week.
NOTE: During high wind days at its option PK is allowed to move the clean date, PK agrees that pool will be cleaned each week however the date may change due to weather conditions.
Avoiding Extra Charges or Misunderstandings:
1. PK will charge $10.00 extra per month if pool covers are used
2. And PK is required to remove or replace to service the pool.
3. Customer is required to maintain a working pool sweep to maintain the agreed discount charge rate if selected.
4. Lack of free access on set days will be charged regardless, dogs for example have a different attitude towards company when the master is not home, if dogs are in the yard we will not access unless you are home or they are secured for our safety in advance.
5. PK understands that as you maintain your yard from time to time, grass and leaves will fall in the pool, that is to be expected .If we find large objects such as branches large amounts of so
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 7

Security (Electronic)

Category: Skilled Trade / Crafts
Custom design of home and commercial security systems, home theater systems.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 20