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After years of working an 8-5 job in an office and working with animals and children only as a hobby, I was encouraged by friends and family to take it up full time. At first I just did the horse and other animal training. As I became recommended by word of mouth from clients I had trained animals for and by other trainers, the opportunities opened up for me to work doing what I love! At first I was asked to do presentations on humane animal training and humane horse training, then I was offered paid positions for demos on my horse training techniques. I enjoy teaching. I don't care to be on TV myself, but my animals have been on TV, in films and even pictured on clothing tags and billboards. About 3 years ago, I was approached by a local lady who wanted to retire from her pony ride/petting zoo business about taking it over.I couldn't afford her asking price, but I did purchase a couple of her old ponies, 3 goats, 2 bunnies and one chicken! All the animals were already experienced so the only thing that changed for them was who was transporting them. I added in a few of my own critters.
I was apprehensive at first but soon found that although it was a lot of work, I enjoyed it very much. Eventually it was actually helping to pay the feed bills! I try to keep the prices affordable and within reach of the average family with small children. I jumped through all the hoops with the city, county, coastal commission,insurance,licensing departments, sheriff's department, fingerprinting, FBI background check (because I work around children) and even the USDA! I still do lessons on carriage driving and specialty trick training during the week. I love teaching. I love working with adults,kids and animals.I still volunteer time for special interests. I also still do the animal actor work but my weekends are full most of the time doing pony parties. I wouldn't change a thing!

Profile Summary:
Pony Rides and petting farm animals Los Osos, CA
Specialty Animal Trick Training - Carriage Driving Los Osos, CA
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Sharing my love and appreciation of animals with others. Horses, miniature horses, ponies, donkeys, animal training, carriage driving, trick training, specialty training, driven dressage, cat training, dog training,teaching people about animals, working with handicapped and special needs children and adults. Animal therapy.
Work Experience:
Basic Education K- 12, college, Specialty Animal Training, several venues. Honestly the animals taught me more than all of the above.
Organizations / Affilations:
The Tiny Trotters - Pony Rides, petting farm and specialty training services. American Driving Society. Humane Society. Imagine A Horse.
Donna Scarpa is located in Los Osos, CA and has the following skills: Pony Rides and petting farm animals, Specialty Animal Trick Training - Carriage Driving
Nature / Animals, Event / Party Planning
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Pony Rides and petting farm animals

Category: Event / Party Planning
We provide pony rides and petting farm animals for your party or special event. Large or small events. We do pony cart rides and wagon rides. We also have trick trained horses and do specialty animal training for films, photo shoots, weddings and more. Therapeutic work with children and adults available. Discounts are always offered for weekdays (not Holidays) and also for weekday Educational programs. Our animals are clean and friendly. All our training methods are gentle and kind. The only thing we leave behind are smiles!
Relevant Education / Credentials
Certified in specialty trick training. Background in animal behavior and also working with children. I am licensed and insured. I have a clear background check so you don't have to worry about your children. All our animals are inspected and are well cared for. We have done work for Girl Scouts of America, The Humane Society, Animal Actors, Animal Talent Star Search (as staff), Ralph Lauren, Firestone Winery, Platinum Weddings, Four Seasons Biltmore Hotel - Santa Barbara,CA
Years Experience: 15

Specialty Animal Trick Training - Carriage Driving

Category: Nature / Animals
Horse and animal training. Carriage driving training for miniature horses, ponies and horses. Specialty training for all animals.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Certified in Specialty horse training. Licensed and insured trainer. Background in animal behavior and working with children. Teaching animal training, clicker training.
Years Experience: 35