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Pole Fitness is being recognized all over the country as one of the newest, and fastest growing forms of fitness available. It originated in Europe, and has spread like wild fire in the states. There is no other fitness program like it. It combines mind, body, and soul, with special attention to your "real" inner woman, and all that she should be.

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Pole Fitness Knoxville, TN
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Classes are $30.00 per Session, or Package prices are as follows:

Package A ~ 4 sessions $90.00

Package B ~ 6 sessions $125.00

Package C ~ 8 sessions $160.00

Package D ~ 10 sessions $190.00

Each session includes a 15-30 minutes "play time" to review and focus on anything you might want special help with.

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Natasha Fine is located in Knoxville, TN and has the following skills: Pole Fitness
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This is for women only.
I have 12 years experience in Pole Fitness. Pole Fitness helps improve confidence, self-esteem, and body image. When you feel comfortable in your own skin, and your sexuality becomes part of who you are, you begin to feel sensual, revitalized, and empowered. Sometimes women tend to feel a little repressed, but want to take control of their sexuality somehow. You will be instantly hooked by the positive emotional and physical benefits this ego-free environment provides. It’s a transformation that you and everyone around you will see. It’s a liberating feeling to stand there, be sexy, and feel secure and at ease with your body.
Pole Fitness provides an amazing workout that combines cardio with muscle toning, while enhancing your flexibility and posture. The techniques, and the strength & muscular endurance training greatly improves a large variety of muscles; your abdomen, buttocks, biceps, triceps, and shoulders are just a few. Because the pole techniques are presented in an accessible and entertaining way, you will be able to perform spectacular spins around the pole after only a few sessions of training. It benefits your whole body from the inside out. Many people have a hard time committing to a regular exercise routine. Pole Fitness provides a welcomed alternative. It strengthens mind, body, and soul, and its fun! It gives you an opportunity to explore your sexy side while burning calories, and firming/toning.
In Pole Fitness we use techniques from traditional pole-dancing routines, as well as techniques originating from gymnastics and other forms of dance. The result is a high impact workout, that’s unlike any previous fitness exercise! Where other training methods mainly focus on one particular muscle group, during a Pole Fitness session a large variety of muscles are trained at once.
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