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Fit 4 U Fitness Studio

Fit 4 Fitness Studio is a facility where women can find a variety of programs tailored to keep us healthy, active and feeling beautiful inside and out. Exercise is essential to overall health and wellness; our programs are designed to get you excited about working out! Our programs offer fitness with a twist; it’s not your everyday gym workout. Come and visit us, relax with us, or take one of our many fitness classes. I guarantee we’ll have something just Fit 4 U! Read on to find out more about the many different classes we have just for women.

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Pole Dance Fitness Classes Costa Mesa, CA
Belly Dance Costa Mesa, CA
Hoop Dance Costa Mesa, CA
Yoga Costa Mesa, CA
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Pole Dance, Belly Dance, Hoop Dance, and Yoga! We also offer beauty services from facials to waxing.
All of our classes are designed for the first timer or the experienced….. We invite you to join us and after your workout
enjoy a facial
get your waxing done or just enjoy our shower facility. Our all-woman facility is designed just for us; we are women who empower women in fitness
health and beauty.
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All our instructors are certified in their area of expertise and have been a veteran of the dance for years.
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Fit 4 U Fitness Studio is located in Costa Mesa, CA and has the following skills: Pole Dance Fitness Classes, Belly Dance, Hoop Dance, Yoga
Culture / Tradition, Dance
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Pole Dance Fitness Classes

Category: Dance
Fit 4 U Studio offers pole dance classes powered by Pole Position Fitness, Inc. Pole Position Fitness is the only nationally accredited pole dancing program approved by both the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America and the American Council on Exercise. This program incorporates the fitness safety and alignment guidelines set forth by the American College of Sports Medicine. By incorporating these guidelines into all of our classes, we help our participants prevent bruises and unnecessary shoulder and elbow injuries commonly experienced in pole dancing.
Relevant Education / Credentials
All instructors are certified in their area of expertise
Years Experience: 10

Belly Dance

Category: Dance
Farah’s classes are designed to teach all levels. Class begins with a review of the sexiest, most elegant belly dance moves. The steps will be slowly broken down for the beginners and layers will be added to the same steps for the intermediate to advanced students. This way, everyone can benefit by seeing the simplest form of the step before it becomes more intricate and challenging.

Each class will focus on the individual goals of the student. Whether you want to learn to Belly Dance for fun, exercise or even as a career, Farah’s constructivist approach will break down each step and show you how to perfect it transitioning from one step to the next, gracefully and sensually.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Verteran of the dance for over 20 years
Years Experience: 20

Hoop Dance

Category: Dance
In the Beginning level classes, you will learn the core moves of hoopdance that will allow you to build a solid foundation to dance from. You will strengthen and open your body, and discover yourself in the hoop. You'll learn beautiful moves, build your skills, and start learning how to actually dance with the hoop! All the while, you'll be toning your abs, back, arms, hips, buns and legs, strengthening and opening your upper back and chest, increasing balance and getting a cardio workout!

Classes are taught in a series (Beginning 1, 2 and 3) and should be taken in order. You will learn how to hoop around your waist, hips, shoulders and thighs. You will be able to bring the hoop over your head in various ways, lower the hoop to the waist and bring it back up. This is a great way to work out and have fun!
Relevant Education / Credentials
Hoopnotica (r) Certified
Years Experience: 10


Category: Culture / Tradition
Yoga is a 5000 + year-old practice stemming from the regions of the ancient Eastern worlds---mainly India. In Sanskrit translation, Yoga means, "to yoke" or "bring together". In this class you will establish such balance and also a deeper connection to your Total Wellness. Through a series of poses, breathing techniques, meditation/relaxation exercises you will gain strength, flexibility, focus, balance, and peace. All levels are welcome as our Registered and Certified Yoga Instructors will guide you to achieving your individual goal. Respect, Love, Challenge, Positivity, and FUN are all encouraged in every Yoga class!
Relevant Education / Credentials
Veteran of the art for years
Years Experience: 5