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so Ive now realized life aint always Wat it seems to be. you cant always get exactly Wat you want. you don't always have exactly wat you need. and sometimes you may get a few broken hearts down this journey called life. even if you were together for over 4 yrs ; you may break up and things could never be the same , like they were before. and sometimes when youre around him , it may seem awkward as hell knowing you would love to wrap your arms around him and kiss him all over. and yeh sometimes you make mistakes. for life is only wat you make of it. and ive made too much. i cant seem to turn back and just snap my fingers or rub my rubby red slippers and just make it all better. so for all the ones ive hated on. im sry. for all the times youve cried. wish i was there to hold you tight. and the day i said those words . yeh they might of came out just a lil too crude. so i apologize for being me. i know there is no excuse for it. for me that is. for all those friends i thought id never lose. for all the my family thats turned their backs on me. if only i knew exactly wat had happened between the age of 13 to now. i cant really say yes it was my fault because i dont yet understand why you cant just realize that ppl make mistakes. people get judged. and sometimes nothing really changes and yet here we are wondering where time went...and for the past, well its the past . yes i love those memories and cry over the ones that hurt. i smile when im happy laugh when its funny. and yall got me messed up if you think you know me. cuz to be honest, i dont even know myself. bipolar is as bipolar does. aha. wish i never said the words that made us say Goodbye. maybe forgiveness will find my way on this broken road.

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Hello, my names Katrina and I'm 20 years of age ( as of November 2011 ). I have quite a few talents that i have discovered over the past 10 years or so. I have wrote Phrases; Poems, Birthday Cards, Songs and a Poetic Novel. Unfortunetly no one has offered help to get my talent "Out There". I'm not looking to become famous, I just believe that there are many teenagers out there like me that need to here they are not alone. As to adults whom might get the chance to observe from another teens life how it is to have a mood disorder. Writing, Drawing or singing are great ways to express yourself. Now I'm just waiting for the big push out of this darkness to see the pinch of light awaiting out those doors.

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A few years back I was Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. I never really understood exactly where this would come handy in my life, until one day, while talking to a group of friends I noticed how much they enjoyed the way I told stories. They said should attend an acting school and enhance my ability to be such a wonderful drama queen. I didn't quite understand them at the time. I had been in a theatre class an from the begining, my theatre teacher thought I was quite imaginative. So I bagan with an A+ and ending my clas with a wonderful (worked hard for) A+. I had decided to attend the class next year, but there had been a new teacher and he chose favorites and never let me be the person that was dying to come out of inside me. I left, with my dignity and devotion along with his last word of advice... "Idiot". I shoved all the dreams of standing infront of ten people to millions of people laughing or crying by the emotions felt from my irony, deep within. And wrote how I felt on just the mends of a peice of paper and pencil. Poetry is my virtue, seeing a smile is my passion.
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I Believe it's a dream everyone would love to fall asleep at night and never wake up from. Some kids want to become teachers, others want to be doctors and most singers. Im not going to lie, around the age of four I was sitting in the tub singing Rub-a-Dub-Dub. And byt the age of ten it was backstreeboys on repeat over and over again. At the age of fifteen, I was daydreaming of American Idol; singing Brittney Spears and Kelly Clarkson. And now, I have my own studio (as crazy as it sounds), my concrete walled -stand-up shower -works wonders- Truthfully: All I want to be is.. just me.
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