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I woke up by the sound of my children laughing and jumping on the bed beside me. “ Mama, Mama, wake up we’re hungry”, my son was saying. I opened my eyes looked at the clock, sitting on the night table, 6:13 a.m. “ oh goodie.” I stated laughing as I looked over and seen T.J. at the foot of the bed, with French toast sticks in his hand. Then I heard a crash, and in the back of my mind I already knew what it was. Getting out of bed was a chore for me at the time, having an open abdominal wound. Walk in the little closet area,

where the kitchenette fridge was, I seen my daughter, Katelynn, holding the applesauce. It was all I could do was nod my head and giggle. After getting myself dressed for the day, I made the their French toast sticks and applesauce. What a breakfast, huh? As the children were eating the phone rang, and I answered “ hello” “ hey, Amy , it’s ****, How are you doing?” “ We’re great ****, after the doctor’s appointment today the children and I have to be at the Salvation Army in Bradenton, if I can‘t get a ride, are you capable of transporting us?” I said very excited, happy to be leaving the motel room, that we have made our home for a month at. “Cool” **** said. “ well, I have a couple other places that I found, but there’s some paperwork involved, I’ll be over in a half hour” “ok, I’ll see ya then”, I answered. We said our good byes and hung up.

I cleaned syrup, up off the floor, and off my children from head to toes, which only could be done by bathing. Got them dressed, and they sat on the bed watching cartoons.

5 minutes later. There was a knock at the door, when I opened the door, it wasn’t ****, it was a Police Office, The children earlier were playing and yelling so I assumed that someone called, I welcomed the officer in and in the process of closing the door behind her, I noticed a hand stopping me from closing the door, then stepping into the threshold was ****.

“ Amy, I’m sorry” At that moment I have never felt that type of s

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