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Please Help Save Daisy's Life

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Daisy is a 9 week old Boxer mix that was escaped being euthanized, only to be facing death again. I adopted her on Aug 19th from a non-profit group outside of Petsmart in Palm Springs, being told she was now healthy. They vaccinated her for Kennel Cough, believing that was all she had. I brought her to three different vet clinics, and spoke with many more. She is currently being hospitalized at AAA Animal Hospital in Huntington Beach. The people at AAA told me that Daisy was dying in my arms and that she needed to start treatment immediately or she would not make it. Of course, I had to leave her there immediately, and with no way to pay for her bills, signed up for a CareCredit account. I am a college student, taking 22 units. I have no job and no income. I have no clue how I am going to pay for Daisy's medical bill unless I drop out of school and try to get a job. I have no social life because I am spending all my time on my studies, and need Daisy as a companion. This poor puppy was not taken care of at the kennel, and is incredibly skinny. Since the little time I have had her, she has gained a little bit of weight, but all her ribs are distinctly visible. She has so much mucous in her lungs that she is coughing up, as well as it coming out her nose. I expressed my financial hardship, and the bare minimum they suggested requires oxygen therapy, IV catheter, Clavamox 62.5 mg Nebulizer, and hospitalization. They think her upper respiratory system is shutting down, but with proper medical care, she can be a happy and healthy puppy very soon! Please find it in the kindness of your heart's to help this innocent little baby. Anything will help! If you have any questions feel free to contact me at 619-606-2422. Donations can be made out to me, Nicole Taylor, or directly to AAA Animal Hospital. The phone number is (714) 536 - 6537 and the address is 21632 Newland Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92646.
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