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Paulette Motzko

My name is Paulette Le Pore Motzko I created what I call "My Totally Inspired PC".....
I am actually the "inspired one" and my computer or PC is a mega-tool that I use to do everything from eye-catching resumes, presentations, book manuscripts and about any other job involving typing skills and computer programs.

You can sign up and register at my new website I developed at:

I am constantly finding ways to improve it so it is constantly being maintained by me.

I am going to go back to college in September 09 fall to finish my Bachelor's/Master's Degree in either Journalism or Communications.

I currently have an Associate of Arts in Piano Pedagogy, 1987 and a
Master's Certificate in Business/Voluntary Leadership from Chapman University, 1997.

Profile Summary:
Playing Piano, writing music, Studio Musician Garden Grove, CA
Author in Progress, Cooking Group Moderator Garden Grove, CA
Writing: Creative and Objective Garden Grove, CA
Researching various topics, editing, typing manusc Garden Grove, CA
More About Me
I am a music composer began playing the piano when I was 9 years old and am currently in my late 40's. I have many copywritten pieces and a few CD's that I would like to have someone produce and re-record with instruments...or do multi-tracking on a Phantom keyboard and do all the tracking myself! I would prefer to interact with live musicians though!!
I would love to find another composer/lyricist in the Orange County area to work

I want to go into a studio and re-record songs I did when I was younger but now with a more mature voice.

I also moderate 12 Cooking Groups at:

I am also writing a book of my original poetry which is composed of Haikus and Cinqains and other freeverse poems.
I want to become more proficient in Word
Access and Outlook. I didn't have the new version of those programs on my laptop in VISTA but soon a friend wants to give me an early Christmas present. Once I get the program and have access to learn with it I can get better on the different progra
Work Experience:
Most of my work experience is in the area of teaching/education. I have also volutneered my time and energies with various non-profits including a grassroots organization that I created and was the Executive Director, CEO of called The Epilepsy Connection.
I helped the many people all over the world and in Southern CA who have epilepsy, and worked on public awareness projects, and made a difference in people's lives in a very real way every day.
That type of job comes easily with me because I truly care about the people I help. These are all things that come naturally to me.
AA Piano Pedagogy, Goldenwest College, 1987
Master's Certificate, Voluntary Leadership, Chapman University 1997
Going to go for my Bachelor's/Master's in Sept. 09 in either Journalism or Communicaitons.
Organizations / Affilations:
Paulette Motzko is located in Garden Grove, CA and has the following skills: Playing Piano, writing music, Studio Musician, Author in Progress, Cooking Group Moderator, Writing: Creative and Objective, Researching various topics, editing, typing manusc
Hospitality, Movies / Film, Music, Miscellaneous, Cooking / Culinary, Language / Translation, Nature / Animals, Writing / Journalism, Education, Internet / Web, Science / Research, Motivation / Inspiration
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My Skills

Playing Piano, writing music, Studio Musician

Category: Music
I've been playing since I was a kid and "showed and told" the piano and played 2 original pieces in 3rd grade when other pieces were bringing in leapfrogs.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Master's Certificate, Chapman Unviersity, 1997 Voluntary Leadership AA Piano Pedagogy Fine Arts, Goldenwest College 1987
Years Experience: 30

Author in Progress, Cooking Group Moderator

Category: Cooking / Culinary
I have been cooking since I was 9 years old when my cousin Patricia Le Pore gave me a cook book which I still have that started a passion for food, entertainment and the art of pleasing others with what I cooked. I saw that at a very early age I made people smile with my culinary creations and continued that tradition with extravagant parties for family and friends when I was married to a Rocket Scientist for almost 15 years and basically I let him pick anything he wanted in any of my many 100's of cookbooks and then I'd make it. (He was my soux chef!) Anyway, I would love to be involved in the Food Service/Hospitality area because I love cooking and also dealing with people. I also have other skills that are necessary to run a restaurant such as leadership qualities, understanding, compassion and am very patient. After all I taught piano for 20 years!
I had thought of getting a Chef's Degree but I don't know if I could hack the long standing...
I wouldn't mind being a key person but not owning the place.
I don't have to be the "head guy", I just have to make him look good!
Relevant Education / Credentials
I own about 1000 volumes of cooking/culinary art material and have been cooking almost 40 years. It is one of my true joys. Creating a showstopping dish is like applause to me after an original song I've written.
Years Experience: 38

Writing: Creative and Objective

Category: Writing / Journalism
When I hit high school I was on the Honor Roll and had some excellent English teachers that impressed upon me the meaning of why the better you can express yourself the more jobs will be waiting for you. The more you read the better you'll write, the more you write the better you'll speak. The better you speak the more people will want to listen to you. And, if you capture your adience, you could be have your name slapped on a book that everybody is wanting to buy!
I am writing a Poetry book now and I haven't decided on the name yet. Also, I have a cook book in progress that will go by the name "Paulette Le Pore's Delectable Edibles" for now.
Relevant Education / Credentials
I was the author of's Epilepsy: Information & Insights which not only explained what the hidden disorder was and was not, but destigmatized it as well. My audience was not only the boy or girl with epilepsy but the man or woman that didn't have it! If I captured the attention of those who didn't suffer from it and had no idea what it was, then I did my job well. You can still read my articles there by going to: and putting my name in the search engine box which is: Paulette Le Pore Motzko Master's Certificate, Chapman Universtiy 1997 Voluntary Leadership
Years Experience: 35

Researching various topics, editing, typing manusc

Category: Language / Translation
I'm good at not only clerical things but also I type 50 w.p.m.-70 w.p.m. and am very accurate.
My vocabulary is quite extensive and I think I am a pretty good writer that will be improving with each passing day.
I've tackled creative endeavors like poetry and had to do more objective assignments as well in college as well.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Master's Certificate, Chapman Universtiy 1997 Voluntary Leadership
Years Experience: 15