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My name is McMaax and I am a world renown pick up artist and seduction guru. My claim to fame is that I have developed, through years of massive "live in field" experience and success, coupled with modeling the top dating coaches, pick up artists and seduction gurus out there a "7 step method" that any guy can use, regardless of his looks, age or income to attract, seduce and foster relationships with women of exceptional beauty and quality!

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Pick up artist, seduction coach, dating coach Beverly Hills, CA
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Pick up artist, seduction coach, dating coach

Category: Relationships
I am a master of social dynamics, inter sexual communication and persuasion. I have an uncanny ability to build relationships quickly, to influence people, to seduce people, to attract people to my cause, to lead people, to engage large groups of people and have them clamor for my attention and company.
Relevant Education / Credentials
I have taken several "in field" and "In class" seminars from the best pick up artists and seduction gurus in the world and have actually winged with them I have spent years in social venues, interacting with the opposite sex and have successfully through trial and error figured out exactly how the seduction process is carried out
Years Experience: 7