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My name is Dewey I always had a passion and a love for playing and teaching the piano and keyboards.

I attended Ashford University where I receive a B.A. in Elementary Education, Special Education and my passion for music, Music Education. I presently hold a State of Ohio Department of Education teachers license in my fields of study and music.

I have close to 28 some odd years in teaching strategies for children and adults. During my time teaching I have watched many students start lesson and drop out of lesson after a period of time. So began taking notice and talking to each student even students from other music programs etc. In my finding I have found that the majority of the students drop out because the lessons got complicated and frustrating which only meant a lack of understanding their lessons and the full concept of each lesson. So as music educator I knew I had to come up with and developed a system to help students not only learn their lesson but to understand each lesson even to a point after each lesson a student can self grade them selves because not only can they play the lesson they are able to breakdown and defined the main concept of the music they are learning and playing.

I also was trained and certified to teach a course called Bizzy Buzzy Bumble Bee preschool piano course. This course allow children preschooler ages 3-5 the opportunity to learn and explore the world of music in every lesson they was able to read and play nursery songs that they hear an sing daily, creating young musicians out of them with a love and passion to want to learn the piano.

I presently teach student out of my home studio. I am also the church minister of music for a church

So if you have the desire and want to read and play music then you r music need to come aboard and allow me you share in your music experience as I design a lesson and course that fits your needs and learning capabilities

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Piano Cleveland, OH
Voice & Music Theory Cleveland, OH
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Category: Music
Teaching people of all ages to read and learn how to play the piano or keyboards.
Relevant Education / Credentials
B.A. In education and music education
Years Experience: 28

Voice & Music Theory

Category: Music
Learning to sing and controll your voice and learning the basics of music reading.
Relevant Education / Credentials
B.A. in education and music education.
Years Experience: 21